Mijn opa de patriarch als fotograaf

Hubertus Adrianus van der Schoot geboren op 08-09-1866 om 22.00 uur te Tilburg en overleden op 25-1-1929 te Tilburg op 62 jarige leeftijd.

Wilt u meer over hem lezen er is een prachtig fotoboek uitgekomen: ’t Toekomstig verleden verborgen schatten van het archief door Jef van Os en Jim van Nieuwenhuijzen Pix4profs/Uitgeverij Regionaal Archief Tilburg lees bladzijde 41 en 42 eens over hem.

About me:

Who am I as a starting amateur photographer? I am rather eager to learn, observant and creative. I usually sense what is important for humans and animals when I take pictures with my digital camera. No photo is wrong for me, but different in its own right. I am so happy when I can go out with my camera. I learned from myself that I have to keep practicing and experimenting and gather courage to set off with my tripod. I am sometimes amazed by myself. What do people appreciate me for? I hope first off all for who I am en not for what I can. No wonder since I descend from a family with so many photographers. My grandfather the patriarch from 1866 and my uncles in heaven are sure to be proud of me and myself too! I wish you all lots of viewing pleasure with my photo’s on my website, Instagram and FaceBook.

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